How To Save MySpace In Seven Steps

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  • How to save MySpace in seven steps [PaidContent]
  • Michael Wolff’s Newser takes $2.5 million in funding [PaidContent]
  • Google re-does the way it comes up with new products [WSJ]
  • Google gets in trouble for not blocking porn searches in China [WSJ]
  • Layoffs at ABC [PaidContent]
  • Microsoft says Google’s AppSync funks with Outlook [WSJ]
  • Goldman Sachs calls Microsoft a “conviction buy” [CNBC]
  • Playdom poaches EA’s COO for its CEO [PaidContent]
  • “Big In Iran” is now just a tech PR gimmick [Valleywag]
  • Google ads Farsi to its translation tools [Reuters]
  • Facebook launches Persion version [Facebook]
  • How to develop customer loyalty [Venture Beat]
  • Google news will soon show a screen grab of linked-to page [TechCrunch]
  • Here comes the Facebook tell-all [Valleywag]
  • Analysts expect iPhone sales below last time [Barron’s]
  • Fancy resumé kits: now 50% off! [The Awl]

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