How to sail around the 74 islands of The Whitsundays for under $350 a night, including your very own yacht

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If you’ve been meaning to get to The Whitsundays but are understandably overwhelmed by the sheer volume of islands to visit, we might just have a solution for you.

Go Bareboating is a service that rents out a variety of sleeper-yachts to travellers who want the freedom to explore as much as humanly possible.

Reaching up to a 12-person capacity, these yachts and catamarans are your home on the water for however long you want to stay, each equipped with everything you’d usually find in a hotel room or an Airbnb — showers, toilets, stoves, the lot.

No boating licence is required, however, you will be taken through an extensive safety brief prior to boarding, as well as a rundown of how to operate the boat for the novices of your group.

After making your way to The Whitsundays, a team will meet you to begin the briefing.

Once you’re on the boat, you’re free to sail away — depending on the number of nights you’re booked in for, we strongly suggest cramming in as much as possible:

  • Hire a paddleboard to take with you on your charter
  • Use snorkelling gear to investigate the sea life below the surface
  • Keep two eyes peeled for whales breaching the water
  • Direct your charter towards an island that looks appealing and spend a day pretending you’re Tom Hanks in ‘Castaway’
  • Keep a list of the islands so you can tick off as many as possible before you reach a no-energy age
  • The possibilities are truly endless.

    Depending on how luxuriously you want to go about your trip, you can spend seven nights with a 10-person charter for roughly $2,600 through Go Bareboating, which, if you gather enough people to reach the full capacity of the yacht, is a measly $260 for an entire week of accommodation and travel.

    You can also choose from packages like the free sleepaboard, which allows you to sleep aboard your vessel at the jetty on the night prior to your arrival; the Free Marina Berth, which gets you a free night at the Hamilton Island Marina; while other packages offer discounts on fuel and gourmet platters and more.

    Given the current climate, a romantic trip on a boat away from everyone else sounds ideal.

    To make a booking or to check out the entire range of yachts and catamarans on offer, head here.

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