How To Repair A Broken iPhone Screen

Back in 2001, Demetrios Leontaris wanted an iPod…a cheap iPod.

But there weren’t any cheap iPods, so he bought a broken one, and then fixed it with parts from another broken one. In the end he had a workable, relatively cheap iPod, and a new business idea. 

More than 10 years later, Leontaris, owner and founder of, is a full-time iPod (or nowadays more frequently iPhone) repairman who makes house calls.

The business model is simple, delivery repairs.

Leontaris or one of his team come to customers and repair the broken gadget in 20-25 minutes for $99. If for some reason they can’t do the repair on site, they take device back to the shop and return it the next day.

Watch below Leontaris walk us through the most frequent repair he gets requests for – an iPhone screen replacement.


Produced by Daniel Goodman and William Wei

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