8 Apps For Renting A Car With Your Phone


Photo: Jon Miller

As long as you’ve got a phone, you’ll have quick and easy access to a set of wheels on your next trip.It can be one less bit of planning to take care of before leaving, or it can be your lifeline when you suddenly find yourself needing a car.

We’ve assembled eight great apps that will make renting your next car easier than it would be at the counter.

Zipcar's app will let you unlock your car with your phone

Zipcar is the heavyweight among phone-based car rentals. Use their app to find a car located nearby, unlock the car with your phone, then drive away.

Priceline helps you bid on cars

Priceline will help you score great deals on car rentals by negotiating on prices with major car rental companies like Budget and Avis. Use it for hotels and flights, too.

Reserve your rental through Avis

Use the Avis app to create a new reservation or change existing reservation. The app will find your closest Avis location and even get roadside assistance when you need help.

Hertz gets you a car at a great price

Use the Hertz app to find a new car quickly and affordably. App users are eligible for special deals each week.

CarRentals.com searches a huge national database

Use this app to search 15,000 national and international rental car locations by entering an airport code, zip code, city, or your current location from your iPhone's GPS. You'll have a new car in no time.

Kayak is your one-stop travel solution

Kayak searches all the major rental companies and finds the best deal closest to you. In addition to taking care of car logistics, use this app to book your flight and hotel.

Orbitz searches and books your car rental

Available for iPhone and Android, the Orbitz app finds car rental locations nearby using your phone's GPS.

BONUS: Getaround is in beta testing

Getaround is a peer-to-peer car rental service currently in open beta. Skip the middleman and rent a local car directly from the owner, or rent your own car to a visitor.

Before you rent a car on your trip make sure you have the right gear with you

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