How To Renegotiate A Low Job Offer


So you actually managed to get a job offer in this dismal economy. (Yay!) But you’re shocked by how little your prospective employer is offering to pay you.

Instead of storming out of the interview in a rage, screaming “How dare you! Don’t you know I’m worth more than that?,” here are some constructive ways to prove you deserve a larger salary.


  • Rather than immediately reject or accept a lowball deal, you should mount a careful counterattack, experts recommend. You could improve your chances of winning a satisfactory compromise, with tradeoffs ranging from a faster pay review to extra perquisites.
  • Arm yourself with data about the going rate for your position by trolling Web sites such as,, and You’ll see whether a concern “has poor information about the external market” and rewards staffers below prevailing levels, says Robin Pinkley, a professor at Southern Methodist University’s business school and author of books about pay negotiations.
  • As part of your homework, you must grasp a potential employer’s problems so you can promote yourself as a problem solver worth more than the proposed skimpy pay. “To negotiate in tough times, you have to be able to create a vision,” says Jim Camp, an author and president of Camp Group, a negotiation-consulting firm in Dublin, Ohio.