How to remove the worst feature in Apple Music

27 pharrell hat.w529.h529.2xKevin Mazur/GettyDon’t care what Pharrell has to say? Turn off Connect.

There’s a lot that’s great about Apple Music, but one of service’s less appealing features is Connect, a social network of sorts for artists to interact directly with fans.

Apple describes Connect as “a place where artists share an entirely new side of their work directly with you,” but it’s not a very appealing experience so far.

Some artists have been sharing photographs from tours and their music videos, but there’s not much compelling content to warrant the feature’s prominent place in the iPhone’s Music app.

For instance, you probably don’t care about telling Nickelback what song you like the most on their latest album.

Business InsiderI don’t actually like any song on Nickelback’s latest album.

If you’re like me and don’t really care that much about Connect, the good news is that you can disable it altogether.

Here’s how.

Go to your iPhone’s restrictions in the Settings app. It’s under General.

You’ll see Apple Music Connect. Toggle that off, and head back to the new Music app.

The Connect tab will be replaced with a list of your playlists, which is nice to have front and center instead of hidden inside the My Music tab.

So there you have it! No more Connect in Apple Music.

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