How to redeem a gift card code on your PS4 so that you can buy games for free in the PlayStation Store


The PlayStation Store allows you to purchase gift cards, but because it’s an entirely online store, you have to activate the cards with a code first.

This can easily be done from your PlayStation 4 if it has a connection to the internet.

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How to redeem a gift card code on your PS4

1. Log into your account on your PS4 and access the PlayStation Store. This should be a registered account with internet access.

How to redeem code on PS4
The PlayStation store is accessible from the main menu. Ross James/Business Insider

2. From the PlayStation 4’s Store menu, scroll down to the second-to-last option, “Redeem Codes,” and select it.

How to redeem code on PS4
It takes a bit of scrolling, so you might not see the ‘Redeem Codes’ option at first. Ross James/Business Insider

3. Your voucher should have come with a 12-digit code that you can now enter into this box. If the code was bought as a digital purchase, like through Amazon, you might only have the code in an email. An example code will look something like: “94GP-QTNL-KKNN.”

How to redeem code on PS4
As the box notes, this isn’t the same as a discount code, which should be used at point of purchase for the specific item it’s discounting. Ross James/Business Insider

Once the code has been confirmed and checked, the value assigned to the code will be added as credit to your PlayStation Store wallet, ready to be spent.

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