How Etsy Grew Its Female Engineers By 500% In 1 Year

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Photo: Mashable

Etsy, the popular e-commerce site full of one-of-a-kind trinkets, handmade jewelry, and other personalised high-quality items, has risen to become a formidable competitor to eBay and other web-commerce platforms.Brooklyn-based Etsy is very popular among women, in fact 80 per cent of its customer base are women and 50 per cent of its staff are women.

Despite this, the company realised it was lacking in one place: female engineers.

The commerce site went from having just three female engineers in early 2011 to 20 as of late 2012.

The tech industry is infamously dominated by male programmers and engineers. So how did Etsy do it?

Etsy’s CEO Kellan Elliot-McCrea shared this insightful presentation on how his company hired more qualified women in engineering. 

Here we go!

Historically, Etsy was just as lousy as any other company in the tech department.

Etsy is supposed to be a female-oriented company. (This is the kind of weird stuff it sells.)

Most interviews revolve around this flawed question:

Etsy advertised $5,000 in grants for women to attend the three-month program last summer. The school was held at Etsy's Brooklyn office, according to AllThingsD.

The school had some simple rules.

The company advertised to find candidates.

The Anonymous hacker group even helped spread the word.

Grants really helped.

Here's what the school looked like.

Attendees loved it.

Etsy was able to recruit from the hacker school.

Now check out how Etsy built a $600 Million company in under two years...

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