HOW TO: Recover Lost Music From Your iPod

computer crash


When your computer fails beyond recovery, there’s no immediately obvious solution for getting your music back.But, if you have your music on your iPod, you can get it through a free piece of software called Senuti. It pulls your music off your iPod and back onto your working computer.

Senuti is compatible with any iDevice: iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

Here’s our walkthrough on how to ensure you’ll never lose another song again. Just download and install Senuti by clicking here to get started.

Double-click on the Senuti icon to open it.

You should now see this screen.

Connect your iPod to your computer as if you're syncing with iTunes.

Now you can browse your iPod's collection of music. Find the tracks you want to copy.

Now your music is back on your hard drive, just like it should be.

Use iTunes to listen to some great radio

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