How to read the new 'Australian Made' food labels

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Is it really “made” or “grown” in Australia or just “processed” here?

New country of origin food labelling laws come into force in Australia today to clarify where our food comes from.

The Australian Made, Australian Grown kangaroo logo will feature on most new labels, along with a bar chart showing what proportion of the ingredients are local.

The new system is compulsory for all food produced for sale in Australia.

There is a two year phase-in period to allow companies to redesign, reprint and apply the labels before the June 30, 2018 deadline.

The new labels:

  • Grown in Australia — Where 100% of ingredients are Australian grown.
  • Product of Australia — 100% of the ingredients are Australian and all major processing has been done here.
  • Made in Australia — Means major processing has been done here. Imported foods that are only sliced, canned, reconstituted or repackaged here cannot make this claim.
  • Packed in Australia — A bar chart which shows the percentage of Australian ingredients

Imported foods produced, made, grown or packed outside Australia will have the country of origin on the label.

Ian Harrison, the Australian Made Campaign CEO, says the scheme will improve clarity and consistency for consumers.

The labels. Image: Australian Made Campaign

“A tighter system for food labelling, coupled with a better understanding of that system by consumers, will give Aussie shoppers more confidence in what they are purchasing and provide Australian farmer and manufacturers with a much needed leg up,” says Harrison.]

“It removes that old phrase which nobody liked, ‘Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients’.”

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