How A Guy With A Mason Jar Raised $30,000 In 4 Days On Kickstarter

eric prumEric Prum found success on Kickstarter. Here’s how.

Eric Prum has a few different business ventures, from a German paintball company to a small design shop.The design shop he started recently launched a Kickstarter project called The Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker. (It’s exactly what it sounds like)

In just four days, Prum has exceeded his $5,000 goal five fold, raising nearly $30,000 from 758 people.

We asked how he raised so much money on Kickstarter in just a few days. Here’s what Prum did:

Pre-launch: We planned out our marketing strategy a few weeks before launch, compiling lists of design blogs, food blogs etc… I even went as far as to intercept a journalist at Thrillist and gave him a sample.

Day 1 (Monday July 23)- We started in our inner social network… Facebook, email chains etc, and quickly became a top pick on Kickstarter.

Day 2 – From there we grew a following from a few key blogs and food websites that reposted it

Day 3 – Launched our Facebook page for the company (W&P Design), attracted a following there and on Twitter…which is where we launched a campaign targeted at celebrity chefs, liquor brands, and designers.

Day 4 – Emailed journalists for success story coverage-because there are 26 days left to fundraise

Prum’s plan for the rest of the month: “We are hoping the product gets out to alumni networks and college campuses,” he says. “We are pretty confident in the product, and we are developing a line of bar and table ware with a focus on a vintage aesthetic.”

The takeaway: Have a plan before you post your project. realise your personal network will only take you so far and reach out to people who can help you take it further. 30-day campaigns are short, so utilise the press and social media to generate quick buzz. People probably won’t stumble upon your startup by happenstance.

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Here’s the product Prum is selling:

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