J.K. Rowling threw fans for a loop when she revealed the proper way to pronounce ‘Voldemort’

Voldemort harry potter

On Wednesday, J.K. Rowling revealed yet another piece of Harry Potter trivia on Twitter — many people have been pronouncing Lord Voldemort’s name completely wrong. 

Rowling has been tweeting up a storm lately about the lives of Harry Potter characters post-books and movies. Read more about that here. 

Now this: Voldemort, which translates to “flight of death” in French, should not be pronounced with an audible “t” at the end. 

It started with a tweet from a Twitter user about how to properly pronounce Voldemort, noting Rowling has discussed pronunciation before. 

Rowling responded, confirming the proper pronunciation. 

Here’s her tweet. 

Twitter users immediately started buzzing about the news. 

There were apologies. 



 And encouraging tweets from Rowling’s French fans. 

Finally, Lord Voldemort himself weighed in on the matter.

Oh, muggles. 


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