Here's The Educational But Insanely Fun iPhone Game Everyone Is Playing: 'Threes!'

The latest iPhone game dominating the app charts is Threes!.

It’s an educational game but highly addictive, particularly for people who like maths.

Players must earn as many points as they can by lining up numbered cards.

Connect a ‘1’ or ‘2’ to create a ‘3’. After that, cards of “3” or higher can only be connected to their matching doubles.

For example: a “3” can only be paired with another “3” to make a “6”, a “6” can only be matched with a “6” to make “12” etc.

It costs $US1.99 to download for iPhone. Interested in learning more?

This is the main menu for Threes! Start a game by tapping the option at the bottom.

Swipe left or right to begin playing.

The cards will immediately appear on screen. Swipe in any direction to have each card connect. The two '3' cards at the bottom can connect by swiping up or down.

Every time you swipe, the game will add more cards to the screen.

Threes tells you at the top what kind of card will be added next at the game board.

The goal is to match two cards labelled '24' to get a '48' and then combine two '48' cards to make '96'. These combinations will give you a high score.

You'll have a limited number of moves before the time runs out.

The game will tally up your score.

Threes will ask you to record your name every time you play.

You'll be taken to the options menu after every round. You'll be able to adjust music and sound effects as well as conserve battery power.

Swipe to the left to view a gallery of all your scores.

Swipe all the way over to the left to see your gaming stats.

Keep swiping to see the developers from Sirvo LLC who created the game.

These are the voice actors who helped make the game possible.

Here's the soundtrack for the game. Tap on the option below to view the album.

Sirvo has another game called Puzzlejuice you can download from the app store too.

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