Two ‘Legend of Zelda’ fans recreated the original game so you can play it in your web browser

It’s been 30 years since the original “Legend of Zelda” game was released in Japan, and two fans have come up with the ultimate tribute.

Bitsbox programmer Scott Lininger and indie mobile game artist Mike Magee have recreated the Nintendo classic with voxel graphics, a style that makes everything look like it’s made from Lego. Better yet, the game can be played in your browser, complete with game-saving functionality so you can return to it later.

Zelda 30

It’s impressive just how faithful this recreation is: Enemy placement, item and dungeon locations — everything is in the exact same place.

So far only the first three dungeons are complete, but the creators are promising to continue work on it until Nintendo asks them to stop. Unfortunately, given Nintendo’s history with fan projects that involve their franchises, you might want to check this out sooner than later.

Still, it’s hard not to appreciate the time and energy put into this remake. So go on, and save Hyrule! You can jump into the game by clicking here.

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