How to place an Uber Eats group order and let everyone pick out their own order for a single delivery

Uber Eats group orders can save you from sharing your phone. blackCAT/Getty Images
  • Uber Eats’ group order feature lets different users add items to a single order, and have it delivered to a single location.
  • Every person who wants to add items to a Group Order needs to have an Uber Eats account.
  • You can place a group order through the Uber Eats mobile app or the desktop website.
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Whether it’s getting food from your favourite local restaurant or getting groceries from the store, mobile applications like Uber Eats have been in high demand recently. And for the times you’re not eating alone, splitting the check can be relatively easy with Uber Eats’ group ordering tool.

The feature lets you send a link to everyone in your party, allowing them to add their order using their own devices. The order can then be paid for by one person, and sent to a single address.

It’s great if you don’t want to pass your phone around to everyone in the room. Just note that everyone involved will need to have their own Uber Eats account.

Here’s how to place a group order on the Uber Eats mobile app and online.

How to place an Uber Eats group order on the mobile app

1. Open the Uber Eats app.

2. Select a restaurant using the app’s Home dashboard or the search tool.

Quick tip: The search tool is located at the bottom of the app, indicated by the magnifying glass icon.

3. Once you’ve decided on a restaurant, click the group order button in the top-right hand corner.

A silhouette of a person represents the group order icon. Ron Lyons Jr./Insider

4. Determine your delivery address and order spending limit. Then tap “Share group order.”

A spending limit will prevent you from being charged beyond a specific amount. Ron Lyons Jr./Insider

5. A window will appear with mobile sharing options. Share the group order link via text, social media, or email with each member of your group.

6. After all orders have been submitted, tap “View cart.”

7. Next, select “Go to checkout.”

Uber Eats Group Order 4
Go to checkout on your Uber Eats order, but only after everyone has finished adding their items. Abbey White/Insider

8. Uber Eats will then ask you to confirm everyone has submitted their order. Choose “Continue” when you’re ready.

Uber Eats Group Order 5
Ensure everyone has added their items to the cart before locking in your Uber Eats order. Abbey White/Insider

Quick tip: Once you lock an Uber Eats group order you can’t change it without completely restarting the order.

9. After verifying the items and price, hit “Next.”

Uber Eats Group Order 6
Check your payment method before placing your Uber Eats group order. Abbey White/Insider

10. You’ll be asked to select a tip amount, and how you want to pay. Once you’re ready, tap “Place order.”

How to place an Uber Eats group order through the website

1. Go to Uber Eats on your favourite browser and log in.

2. Select a restaurant using the app’s Home dashboard or the search tool.

Uber Eats Group Order 7
The search bars on the app and website are in different places. Abbey White/Insider

Quick tip: The search bar on browsers is located in the top right corner of the homepage.

3. Choose the restaurant you want to order from.

4. In the restaurant’s banner image, click the “Start group order” icon.

Uber Eats Group Order 8
This icon is located above the restaurant description on the far-right. Abbey White/Insider

5. Use the “Edit” buttons to adjust your spending limit or delivery address.

6. Click “Create order.”

7. A box will appear with a link. Share it via text, social media, or email with each member of your group. Share the link to allow others to add to the Group Order.

8. After all orders have been submitted, you can begin checkout and place your order. Just remember that once you head to checkout, you can’t edit the group order without starting from scratch.

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