How To Pitch a Billion-Dollar VC Firm From Your Living Room


Photo: ScottieT812 via Flickr

Once upon a time, pitching a powerful VC firm meant getting in the door. You had to be in the right city, know the right people and probably own a suit and tie.Well that’s all changing now. The NY Times is reporting that Bain Capital Ventures, with $1.5 billion under management, is going to begin taking pitches over the web.

Bain has built an online hub it’s calling a Ventures Innovation centre. It’s a great place to network with folks from more established companies and meet other fledgling firms. Users can submit requests for co-founders or team members with similar interests. The site has a startup toolkit with links to lessons and data for early stage businesses. 

More importantly, the website has section where entrepreneurs can upload their business plan or idea. Pitches that impress Bain’s staff will graduate to a meeting in person. Each Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. Eastern time, entrepreneurs can meet for 15 to 20 minutes with a one of Bain’s 33 managing directors, principals and associates at Bain Capital Ventures’ Boston office or at the Venture Cafe in Cambridge, Mass.

Guess you’ll have to invest in that suit after all.

Submit your idea to Bain here >

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