How to Outperform A Bigger Competitor In A Presentation Shootout

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When you’re battling for a sale or investor dollars, you’re going to be competing against other companies. 

Don’t be fazed by another competitor’s size.  There are advantages to not being the biggest. 

Here are some tips to steal their thunder.

Bill Rosenthal is CEO of Communispond Inc, which has taught over 600,000 managers to communicate more effectively over the past 41 years.

Getting Started

Your competitors will present their best thinking so you should too. Create a unique solution to the customer's critical needs and define your company's unique ability to meet those needs.

Show your prospect that you studied extensively to prepare your unique solution by putting the customer's fingerprints, such as its logo, all over the presentation.

Building the Team, organising the Presentation

Most likely, the customer has organised a cross-functional team to hear the presentations. Learn the titles of the people in this group -- and match them. For example, if their IT person is there yours should be, too. Learn how many people the prospect company will have there. Have just as many of your people presenting.

Let the person on your team who will be the customer's contact person lead the presentation because you want to demonstrate that person's leadership.

Begin the presentation by showing you understand the prospect's situation. Segue on to the solution you're offering and why it'll work. Assure the customer that they'll get your personal attention and they'll be an important account. Express enthusiasm for working together.

Sharpening the Team's Presentation Skills

The better the visuals you use, the better the presenters have to be because the customer must see your team as the primary source of information. It isn't the visuals that will distinguish you from the other presentation teams. It's how well you communicate on a human level with the group hearing your presentation.

Your presenters must convey strength and conviction. Encourage everyone on the team to turn on the full force of their passion for the solution you're offering. Passion is power. Your team members will be believed because they're showing that they believe in what they're saying.

Tips for the Entire Team

Start Selling in Advance

Booby Traps in the Q&A

Finish with a Flourish

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