organise All Those Cool New Mac Apps Without Cluttering Your Dock

Mac OS X Lion LaunchpadLaunchpad will be part of Lion this summer.

Photo: Apple

When Steve Jobs unveiled his preview of OS X Lion and the Mac App Store, we got a peek at how the new operating system’s Launchpad feature will organise apps.Unfortunately, until Lion comes out this summer, we’re stuck accumulating apps in our dock.

In the meantime, we came up with a way to keep your dock clutter-free by using Stacks to organise your Mac Apps.

Your apps appear in the dock after you download them. Drag them to the trash to remove them. Don't worry. This won't delete them for good. Now open your Applications folder in the Finder.

Drag your new Apps folder to the Places section of the Finder. This will make it easy to add new apps there later.

Now drag all your apps to the Apps folder in Places. Since you're changing the location of an application, Mac OS X makes you type your password to confirm. After you've moved all your apps, we'll make a Stack in the dock.

Now drag the Apps folder to the dock. It will automatically create a new Stack with all your apps.

Click the new stack to view all your apps. You can launch each one from there. You can also adjust your Stack's view by right clicking and choosing Fan, Grid, or List. We think the Grid view looks best.

Still new to the Mac App Store?

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