Amazon is rolling out 2-hour delivery for Whole Foods -- here's how it works

  • Amazon‘s two-hour delivery service is coming to Whole Foods.
  • Whole Foods delivery will be integrated with the Prime Now service, which is available for Amazon Prime members.
  • Members can use the app or the website to shop the “vast majority” of Whole Foods stores online.

Amazon has brought two-hour delivery to Whole Foods.

The company announced on Thursday that it has started using Whole Foods stores for its two-hour delivery service, Prime Now. That enables shoppers to get much of what they can usually buy at a Whole Foods store delivered directly to their door in two hours.

Amazon indicated that the offerings will include fresh produce, seafood, meat, flowers, baked goods, and dairy products. It will include “the vast majority of things that people buy most frequently,” Stephenie Landry, the vice president of Prime Now, told The Seattle Times.

Prime Now is a service that’s available exclusively to Prime members, and it’s free for them for orders $US35 and up. Users can get one-hour delivery for an additional $US8 fee. For orders that don’t meet the $US35 threshold, a $US5 fee is charged. Tipping your courier is built into the service, but is optional. Amazon recommends a price, usually $US5.

Prime members can take advantage of the new Whole Foods delivery options by shopping using the Prime Now app or on, Amazon’s dedicated site for Prime Now orders.

Users will need to select which store they are shopping at on Prime Now before they start to shop. For example, a customer in Austin can shop at Sprouts Farmer’s Market, Amazon’s own shop, or Whole Foods. Prime Now also offers delivery from local spots via Amazon Restaurants.

Each store has a different virtual cart, and items can be added, taken out, or ordered independently from each.

That means you can’t mix together items offered by Amazon’s shop and Whole Foods’ shop and expect them to be delivered together. But, Amazon’s shop does have some Whole Foods Everyday Value 365 items available for purchase, which was implemented prior to the integration with Whole Foods stores.

Prime Now screenshotScreenshotWhen using Prime Now, users must first select which store they want to shop at with the service. Whole Foods is now an option in select cities.

Whole Foods delivery will only appear in four cities for now: Austin, Texas; Cincinnati, Ohio; Dallas, Texas; and Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Amazon has indicated it plans to roll out Whole Foods’ Prime Now delivery to more cities this year.

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