How To Order The Best Thing On The Menu At A Fancy Restaurant

Atera yamA yam dish at Atera in lower Manhattan.

Photo: Henry Blodget

Menus at expensive restaurants can be overwhelming. Want to simplify things? Then follow this one piece of advice, from economist Tyler Cowen in The Atlantic:Look at the menu and ask yourself: Which of these items do I least want to order? Or: Which one sounds the least appetizing? Then order that item.

Sounds counterintuitive, right? But Cowen explains:

The logic is simple. At a fancy restaurant, the menu is well thought-out. The kitchen’s time and attention are scarce. An item won’t be on the menu unless there is a good reason for its presence. If it sounds bad, it probably tastes especially good.

So next time you’re headed out to a fancy dinner, remember to avoid the roasted chicken and pick something more exotic instead.

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