Many Would Rather Fail Than Have To Cold-Call, Here's How To Avoid Both

Ken Sundheim

Since I started my firm with no industry experience five years ago at age 25, I have only had to make two cold-calls.  I did not have any industry leads or “ins” with any company, I just had my marketing

I don’t ever perceive that we will make that third outbound call to try to acquire new business.  On average, we get three new client requests indaily. How do you stop fruitless cold-calling cycles and mass e-mailing
campaigns? You do it with a myriad of marketing tricks. Heed the two pieces of small business marketing advice and you’ll be on the way to never having to make another outbound call again.

Start Your Business Name With An “A” or Design Your Logo Representing So.

When listed in directories, you always want your organisation to comeup first.  What is the best way to do so?  Have your company name start with an “A.” If you’ve already named your firm and want to keep it that way, put a few initials in front of your name on the logo. Why Is It So Crucial? In business and life, people choose the first choice so often that politicians often bicker as to who is listed first.  In California elections, George Bush saw nearly a 10% fluctuation in votes when the name order was changed.

You Can’t Outsource Your Marketing, Nobody Is Going To Make You Rich

When I go to buy a business service, I flip right to the second page of Google results.  Every time, their services are heavily discounted due to lack of incoming business. When it comes to Google, you’re either on the first page, or you’re complaining about the economy. Every small business owner is looking for the next firm that will magically make them rich through miracle SEO implementations.  

I have had multiple staffing clients approach me to help them with search engine optimization and, in the end, it was not worth the frustration; they didn’t want to do any work. Nobody is going to make you rich. When I learned search engine optimization, I did it by myself. The KAS Placement site gets about 450 hits per weekday with an average time per visit of near 3:30 and four  page views. How Did I Do It? I sat down and studied search engine optimization for 17 hours a day six days a week for nearly a year/

I started when we fired our SEO vendor due to lack of performance.  We were paying them $2,000 a month and there were no results. It turns out the firm was outsourcing all of their SEO to the Philippines. This is quite a well known company and, when I complained about this, the administrative assistant to the VP of Sales told me to look at the top right corner where a minute flag of the country was placed.

Nobody is in business to make you wealth. There are some good marketing companies out there, but they are few and far between. As a small business owner, you must suck it up and do the work yourself. Otherwise, you’ll die waiting to find an effective vendor.

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