How To Negotiate Your Salary Without Turning Off Employers

The salary negotiation is a tricky step for most job seekers. You don’t want to undercut yourself, but you also need to determine how far you can push without offending hiring managers.
On a popular Reddit thread, user Plyhcky4, an executive recruiter, says the most important thing you need to do before a salary negotiation is determine your minimum and target numbers.

“Having those two numbers clear in your head (even if they change along the way) are super important,” Plyhcky4 writes.

When asked by hiring managers, give your target number, but also make it known that you can be “flexible for the right opportunity.”

The company will either give you what you want or a bit less (usually no more than 10% under what you stated). This all depends on the strength of the company.

Once you receive the offer, you are expected to make a counteroffer. No employer wants a candidate who’s a pushover and doesn’t know their worth. If the counteroffer alone turns them off, you should reconsider working for them, says Plyhcky4.

If you are in a higher-level position ($US80,000 plus), keep in mind that many companies have a range they can pay you called “internal equity,” which means that they’re unable to offer you a salary so much higher than others in the same position or “so close to your superior’s pay range that it becomes uncomfortable.”

In this case, you can try negotiating a signing bonus, future pay raises, vacation days, or other bonuses.

If you are in an entry-level position, employers will often use your salary history to determine how much you should get paid.

“If you made $US60K at your last job, they probably won’t offer you $US90K. Keep that in mind when deciding your target and minimum,” Plyhcky4 writes.
“If you are in high enough demand or have no fear of losing the offer, then by all means play a bit harder ball, don’t disclose your salary info, don’t give a number, throw out some high (borderline ridiculous) demand and let them bring you down, or any of the other slightly more reckless moves — but get ready to lose some offers that way. Decide for yourself, based on your own circumstances, how risky you can be.”

Whether you’re seeking a position lower or higher on the totem pole, keep your arrogance in check and prepare well ahead of time.

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