How to name a group chat on your iPhone to find it easily, and access it using Siri

Getty/Westend61You can name a group chat on your iPhone to make it easier to find.

If you engage in many group chats, it may be difficult to find the right one in a flurry of names and random phone numbers.

But there’s no need to worry:Apple has made finding a group chat easier for iOS device users.

It’s easy to name a group chat on your iPhone – that way you will know which chat is the appropriate one to drop memes into and which is best to tell colleagues you will be late.

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How to name a group chat on your iPhone

1. Open Messages from the home screen of your iOS device, or by searching for it using Siri or Spotlight.

2. Once in Messages, scroll down to find the group chat you wish to create a name for.

3. Select the group chat thread.

4. Within the thread, tap on the names and icons of the people in the group chat to access the menu.

Group1Meira Gebel/Business InsiderTap the icons at the top of the group chat.

5. On the far right in the drop-down menu, tap the “i” icon.

Group2Meira Gebel/Business InsiderTap the info option.

6. At the top of the screen, tap “Enter a Group Name.”

Group3Meira Gebel/Business InsiderType your group chat name under NAME.

7. Enter a name for the group chat.

8. Tap “Done” in the top-right corner of the screen.

Group4Meira Gebel/Business InsiderThe group chat will get a notification that you changed the name.

9. The group chat name will now appear at the top of the thread and in your Messages.

Once you’ve named your group chat, it will be accessible when using Siri’s talk-to-text feature, too.

Group5Meira Gebel/Business InsiderYou can access the group chat through Siri by using the group chat name.

If you want to rename the group, follow the steps above. Tap the “x” to delete the current group name, then tap “Name” to enter a new one.

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