Everyone wants to know 'how to move to Canada' as a Trump win seems increasingly possible

It’s a nail-biting election night in America. But the top story on Business Insider isn’t one of our dozens of excellent real-time updates about the election.

Instead, it’s a story by Business Insider’s Innovation reporter, Chris Weller, titled “How to move to Canada and become a Canadian citizen.”

The story has been surging since it was published a few days ago, largely thanks to organic traffic from social media sources such as Facebook and Twitter.

But around 9:00 PM eastern on Tuesday evening, when CNN announced that a number of key states in election including Michigan, Ohio, Virgina and Florida could all swing in Trump’s favour, Google search traffic began to pour in. Virginia has since been won by Clinton and Florida by Trump.

Here’s a look at BI’s chartbeat, a source that measures traffic and traffic sources to individual BI articles in real time.

Purple represents social traffic. Green represents search.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to ditch your American citizenship and become Canadian, our story which has 6.5 million views and counting.

Happy election night!

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