How to mirror your Samsung Galaxy S10's screen onto a Roku player for presentations, gaming, and more

Hollis Johnson/Business InsiderTo mirror your Galaxy S10, you’ll need to have a Roku player that supports screen mirroring.

Roku isn’t just a versatile streaming media player – it is also a handy “projector” for displaying your phone’s screen on a TV or other big screen.

Using the Roku’s screen mirroring feature, you can display exactly what you see on your Galaxy S10 (or almost any other phone) on your TV. Your Galaxy S10 should be compatible with any Roku model that supports screen mirroring.

Before you begin, make sure that the phone and the Roku are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you’re doing this at home, that shouldn’t be a problem – they’re probably already set up that way. If you’re connecting to a Roku at a different location, though, make sure you’re connected to the local Wi-Fi network.

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How to mirror the Samsung Galaxy S10 to a Roku

1. Using your Roku remote, press the Home button. In the sidebar on the left, select “Settings.”

Mirror 1Dave Johnson/Business InsiderTo mirror your phone to the Roku, you need to start in the Settings menu.

2. Select “System.”

3. Select “Screen Mirroring.”

Mirror 2Dave Johnson/Business InsiderEnsure screen mirroring is turned on in the Screen mirroring mode menu.

4. Select either “Prompt” or “Always allow.” If you aren’t concerned about someone gaining access to your Roku and sharing their screen without permission, “Always allow” is a convenient option.

Mirror 3Dave Johnson/Business InsiderChoose either ‘Prompt’ or ‘Always allow.’

5. On your Galaxy S10, swipe down from the top of the screen to pull down the Notification centre. Pull it down a second time so you can see three rows of icons.

6. Find Smart View. You may need to swipe to the second or third page of icons before you find it.

Mirror 4Dave Johnson/Business InsiderFind Smart View in the icons atop the Notification centre.

7. Tap “Smart View.” After a few moments, all the nearby devices to which your phone can connect will appear in a list.

8. When you see it, tap the entry for your Roku.

Mirror 5Dave Johnson/Business InsiderAfter you choose the Roku device, it will start to connect.

9. If you chose to be prompted whenever trying to mirror to the Roku, go back to your TV screen and use the Roku remote to select “Always allow” or “Allow.” After a moment, the Galaxy S10 will connect and display on your TV.

Mirror 6Dave Johnson/Business InsiderAllow the phone to connect, and you will be mirroring.

You should now be connected, and everything you display on your Galaxy S10 will appear on the big screen via your Roku.

Your Galaxy S10 may ask if you want to change the aspect ratio to suit the TV- in other words, if you’d like to stretch out your phone’s display to fit the TV screen. Choose whichever option you prefer.

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