How To Master The Art Of Cold Calling: Tips From The Real-Life 'Boiler Room'

boiler room

Note: This article was originally published on OPEN Forum.

Cold calling is the ultimate in selling – it involves you giving your all to someone you’ve never spoken to. Avid practitioners of cold calling often refer to the aggressive tactic as an extreme sport.

Some people are just born to sell. These are the “people-people”: they enjoy communicating with others and are incredibly engaging.  Other people have to learn the art of the sell.

We spoke with David Glass, a former stockbroker whose experience cold calling for a brokerage firm helped inspire the Hollywood film “Boiler Room”, starring Giovanni Ribisi and Vin Diesel.

Glass became a master of cold calling and, after some high-profile challenges, went on to great success. Today, he’s switched gears to EZ Business Cash Advance, an “alternative finance” company that sells small business loans.

“Cold calling is tough to do, and it’s strictly a numbers game,” says Glass. “The more phone calls you make, the more money you can make. The more you’re on the phone, the better your skills and talents become.”

Glass, along with a few other pros, gave us a lesson in the art.

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Believe in the product you're selling, and let your enthusiasm for it shine

Create list, after list, after list

You've already got your Rolodex of people you do business with, but what about the list of companies where you don't have any connections?

Make a list of the companies you would like to do business with. Figure out a way to fill in the blanks and find out who matters and who makes the decisions.


You should know more than just the company name before you dial.

It will show that you know whom you're calling and you think you can offer them something specific to their business.

You want to pitch with a personalised approach -- don't be generic.

Deliver your pitch concisely

'No' means go

Get the potential buyer to make small concessions before going in for the kill

Make sure to follow up -- without being annoying

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