Speeded-Up Video Shows What It's Like To Bike Home In NYC

For many, the daily grind of getting to and from the office riding subways, commuter trains, buses or even taxis, can be quite a challenging experience.

From service delays to constantly rising subway fees and overcrowded trains, it’s enough to send any reasonable person down the wrong path just as they’re starting or finishing their day.

But not for those of us who have long ago ditched the MTA as our main mode of transportation.

The answer? Hop on your bike!

It’s way cheaper, there are no unexpected delays, you get your workout in and you can stop paying for that overpriced gym you probably never use. And, it’s a ton of fun!

Watch the video below to see how my once irritating commute from Manhattan to Brooklyn, has now become the part of my day I look forward to the most.

Produced by Robert Libetti

Music by “Sk8board” by Jason Shaw

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