How To Make Web Video Work: Make It Shorter

Pssst! Web video makers, distributors and advertisers! We’ve got a hint that should save all of you time and money: Cut your clips in half.

We’ve just had a nice chat with Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire about what’s going on at his company and in Web video in general (short take: Web video is booming, but web distributors are overdue for a consolidation). Best factoid: Not only are Web audiences interested almost entirely in short-form video, but they want them even shorter than they are right now.

On average, Jeremy says, Web users are selecting 4-minute videos. But they’re bailing out after streaming just two minutes. So Dr. Pepper? Whatever you spent producing the ad below, starting YouTube sensation Tay Zonday? You spent 33% 50% too much, since it clocks in at nearly 3 minutes.

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