Here's how this guy made the incredible Vine of a 'wizard' making his bed

Everyone has been passing around this incredible Vine today of a guy making his bed like a wizard.

“When your stupid wizard parents force you to make the bed,” Viner Kevin Parry wrote in his caption. He posted his Vine on Sunday and the video has already been looped over 3 million times.

Part of the Vine’s viral success — aside from its incredible editing — was its discovery on Reddit. Reddit user heliurn made a GIF of the Vine and shared it on /r/gifs.

Parry, a Redditor himself, saw his Vine had made the top page of the site and went into the comments to tell everyone how he did it.

Based on what he told his fans on Reddit, we broke his Vine down frame by frame.

First, Parry recorded a video of the bed completely made.

He had an off-camera partner pull the blanket down the bed with strings while he made the spell casting motion with his wand.

Bed sheet string Kevin Parry VineKevin Parry/VineThese are the three areas we think are most likely being pulled by a string down the bed.

Playing the video backwards, it looks like the quilt is being made by magic. “No [stop motion] at all in this one,” Parry told his Reddit fans. “Just a video pass for the bed sheet, which is reversed.”

Here’s what that looks like as a reminder:

Next, he threw a pillowcase at the far left pillow, and stopped recording just before the pillowcase landed on the pillow.

First pillow case Kevin Parry vineKevin Parry/VineThis pillowcase will land on the far left pillow. This is the exact frame where Parry stopped filming.

He then said on Reddit that he threw the pillows (this time with pillowcases on) down onto the bed and started recording when they landed.

This could have taken forever to time just right.


He did the same thing with the other pillow.

Here, you can see he stopped filming just before the pillowcase made contact.

Kevin parry vine 2nd pillowcaseKevin Parry/VineParry timed this shot just right.

He then threw the encased pillow down onto the bed. In the finished Vine, it makes it look as though the impact of the pillowcase is making the pillow wobble.

Though it seems easy when you break it down, Parry said this Vine took him “a few hours” to finish. 

And it’s not even his most complicated video to date. Parry is an animator on stop-motion feature films and knows how to edit amazing videos, like this one:

Or this one about a glitch with the Vine app:

Some of his most watched videos are of glasses moving all around his head:

Pretty cool. To see more of his vines, check out his page here.

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