This Tiny Office Uses Movable Walls To Adapt To Any Need

The task of changing around a small office space to accommodate more employees or an event can feel daunting. Organisations like New York-based non-profit Environmental Grantmakers Association, which more than doubles in size from four people to nine in the summer, can have a particularly hard time.

Employing a technique you might have last seen in the library stacks of a college, architecture and design firm Taylor & Miller used an existing collapsible filing system to create an easily changeable office for EGA.

With just a bit of folding and rotating of cranks, cubicles expand to accommodate a full staff of desks or contract to create a large open space to work collaboratively or host an event.

Here’s a photo of the office with desks:

Each of the desks can fold up to make more space for an individual if fewer people are around. You can also see how the modules can fit together:

Just turn the cranks, and you get an instant boardroom:

Here are a few suggested layouts, and a creative team could surely come up with some more:

It just goes to show that there’s a lot you can do with a small space.

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