How To Make Money On Facebook: Extortion


OK, we already knew there were creeps on Facebook trying to cull embarrassing pictures from suckers and blackmail them. But we never imagined it could be a business model.

That appears to be the case with something called YoBusted, whose website is currently down. BusinessWeek finds out more:

A new free Web site called YoBusted prominently features photos of people in various stages of undress, in the midst of revelry, or in other potentially embarrassing situations. The snapshots are not necessarily posted by the subject, either; YoBusted encourages users to send in photos of other people with the invitation: “Anonymously upload hilarious photos and videos of people you know.” If a subject who isn’t a member wants a photo removed, YoBusted requires that the person become a “trial” member for $19.99 for a month or a “premium” member for $49.99 a year.

But if you think you know who uploaded that picture of you drunk and passed out, you can get back at them! Once members sign up, they can earn a “referral bonus” of $10 to $20 when someone they tag also becomes a member.

After at least four photos made it to YoBusted from Facebook, the latter site called the FBI.

We don’t know just yet how many victims users have signed up for YoBusted just yet, or if the Feds have moved on the case. But we recommend YoBusted’s founders set aside a healthy reserve of whatever revenue they have for legal fees.