How to make your lips look full and lifted without fillers, according to celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic

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Mario Dedivanovic is best known for his work with celebrities like Kim Kardashian West. Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images
  • Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic launched his namesake beauty line in 2020.
  • During a recent press event, he explained how to make lips look full and lifted without fillers.
  • According to Dedivanovic, you’ll want to line the top and bottom of your lips, and blend inwards.

Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic is behind some of the biggest beauty moments in Hollywood.

He’s worked with stars like Kim Kardashian West and Jennifer Lopez, and he’s now sharing his expertise with the world through his namesake line, Makeup By Mario.

Most recently, the brand released a collection of lip liners on October 18. Speaking with journalists shortly after the launch, Dedivanovic explained how to use the pencils, the mistakes people make when lining their lips, and how to get full, lifted lips without fillers.

Mario Dedivanovic says many people line their lips incorrectly

During a press event attended by Insider, the celebrity makeup artist explained that it’s become common for people to line the entire shape of their lips, including the outer edges.

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But rather than making your lips look bigger, that technique will instead “drag your face down” and create an unflattering look, according to Dedivanovic.

Of course, you could avoid making that mistake by getting lip fillers and plastic surgery. But as Dedivanovic noted during the event, that option can be “scary” for a lot of reasons.

To achieve a natural-looking full lip, you only need a lip liner and a small brush

According to Dedivanovic, you should start by lining your cupid’s bow – the area at the very top of your lips. That’s where you’ll want to focus on overlining, or applying liner above your natural lip to “instantly lift.”

When you reach the outer edges, however, you’ll want to stay close to your actual lips, according to the makeup artist.

Throughout the whole process, you won’t need to apply a ton of pressure. Instead, just gently glide the pencil along your skin.

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Next, as Dedivanovic said, you’ll want to create a line under the middle of your bottom lip. But as he showed previously, you don’t want to overline the entire area. Instead, keep the overlining to the middle, and then line your actual lip at the outer edges.

If you do extend the line too far, don’t worry. With a small brush, as Dedivanovic suggested, simply apply a small amount of concealer to erase your mistake. The technique also doubles as a way to enhance and emphasize the lines you’ve created.

Finally, Dedivanovic recommends using that same brush to blend the liner into the center of your lips to create a “natural dimension.”

From there, you can add lipstick to create more depth

If you don’t want to wear a ton of makeup, you can apply your lip liner and leave it at that.

And if you want to see Mario’s lip lift in action, the makeup artist recently shared a video of the technique on his Instagram page.

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But if you’re looking to add some color on top, Dedivanovic recommends taking a lipstick and patting it across your lips to create a blurred look.

Of course, you can use a matching lipstick and lip liner set, but they don’t have to match perfectly. Instead, mixing colors can deepen your look and add some dimension, as Dedivanovic explained.