How To Make Glorious Carb-Free Breakfast Muffins That Your Co-Workers Will Drool Over

I recently started doing a low-carb diet, and it’s going remarkably well.

One of the best parts is that the food itself is fantastic. Since I bring in homemade low-carb breakfast muffins every day, people are interested in how to make them.

I learned this fantastic recipe from Caveman Keto, one of the best sites online for low-carb recipes that are still delicious.

Here’s how to make the bacon muffins that will make your coworkers envious.

First, start with a standard nonstick muffin pan.

Fry 12 pieces of bacon and insert them like this into the muffin pan.

Take a head of broccoli and fry that until it is soft.

Then, cut it up like so and put it into the bacon circles.

In a bowl, combine six eggs and six ounces of heavy cream as well as salt, pepper, and any spices you're into.

Whisk it until it's bubbly.

Pour the whisked mixture into each muffin hole.

Grind up some cheddar.

Put the cheddar on top of each muffin like so. Push it in a bit.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

When there's a minute left, cut up three slices of cheddar into quarters and throw one on top of each muffin. Throw it back in.

Whe you're done, they'll look like this. Let them cool for a few minutes.

Bag them up two at a time and throw them in the fridge. Each bag is simple breakfast for one day.

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