Interior decorators reveal the 3 best tricks to make a room look brighter

Carnegie hillIncorporated Architecture & DesignBring light to the darkest of corners.

A stylish room can easily be hampered by lack of light coming into the room. This obstacle is especially pertinent if your home is sandwiched between two buildings or caught under constant shade.

Interior designers Adam Rolston and Drew Stuart from Incorporated Architecture & Design struggle with this obstacle frequently because they are constantly working with crowded apartments and condominiums in New York City.

Throughout their professional careeers they have accumulated a few tricks to combat darkness. Here are three illuminating tips they shared with us.

Don’t paint your walls white


Incorporated Architecture & Design

“A really common mistake people make is when they think they can only get a bright room by painting it a bright white,” said Adam Rolston of Incorporated Architecture & Design.

The trick is to keep the overall palate of the room light, like this light green wallpaper for their Carnegie Hill project.

Vintage mirrors are your friends

If you don’t have the luxury for a total gut renovation to bring in more natural light to your home, Rolston suggests using mirrors to maximise limited brightness.

Antique mirrors, like the ones pictured above, are great for adding light but minimising glare.

Use light coloured wood

Start from the ground up when you want to brighten up your home. “Keep the palate really light,” suggested Drew Stuart, “and stay away from oak because it’s very yellow.”

For the duo’s Carnegie Hill project, they went for bleached walnut floors, which instantly illuminated the home.

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