How To Copy The Brilliant Allstate Mayhem Ads On Half The Budget

Allstate MayhemAllstate TV Ad, Jogger Mayhem.

Photo: Screenshot/Allstate

We live in a non-stop communications world where content creation, 24-hour news cycles and constant social Web interaction are the norm.As a marketer, I know the rules about creating meaningful content, distributing it and finding quality interactions with audiences that matter. But following the rules is only going to get you so far.

When brands are competing for consumer attention amongst so many other messages, how can you help your clients rise above the noise when creating content?

It helps to take a step back and start by asking yourself what messages get your attention as a consumer. Then work backwards and decipher the elements to figure out what makes the message resonate with you.

For me, it’s all about the Allstate Mayhem commercials. The TV spots are memorable and have strong brand association – there is no chance I’m going to forget who the commercial is for after it is over.

So what does this mean for smaller brands without big advertising budgets? Your client may not be prepping for their next big game commercial but there are valuable brand engagement lessons to be learned here for marketers and content creators of all types.

With Mayhem in mind, here are some tips to think about next time you are developing content for your clients:

  • Make content relatable. All of the Mayhem commercials are centered on situations any typical car driver may face, including a distracted teen driver and an out-of-date GPS. The commercials are exaggerated examples but the main point is simple. No one is going to listen to your message if they don’t think it relates to them or their business. So get to know your audience and speak their language.
  • capitalise on a pain point. The “Recalculating!” GPS in this Mayhem spot is the perfect example of this. It happens all of the time and Allstate knows it. If your content offers solutions to common problems faced by your audience, you will establish an instant connection with them.  In this case, Allstate is offering a solution to a GPS gone bad so it still works.
  • Bring the brand to life. Allstate uses the “Mayhem guy” as their brand ambassador in these commercials and now he is immediately associated in this role. Find an ambassador that your audience can relate to and consider making them the voice of your content. It could be a real-life persona or a character you create (did you know the Aflac Duck has its own Facebook page?). Just make sure the point-of-view is real.
  • Get visual. Content creation is not inherently visual, unless we are talking video. For written content, embed videos and photos or create infographics that support your main points. People have short attention spans so delivering content in multiple ways helps reinforce your main message.
  • Pace yourself. Create content on a regular basis so your audience knows when to expect it and can look forward to it. A new Mayhem commercial seems to be coming out about once a month and now they have me hooked and looking for the next one.

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