How to make GIFs on an iPhone using live photos, through the Photos app or Giphy

AppleYou can make a GIF on iPhone by using the live photo feature.

When Apple first launched its live photo feature, it didn’t take advantage of the many possibilities inherent in a camera that captures a few seconds around a central image.

Various apps rolled out that allowed users to display the moving picture as a GIF. Some third-party apps, such as GIPHY, still allow you to create GIFs from live photos and with more options.

But the iPhone itself now allows you to turn live photos into moving GIFs in just a few short steps, without having to download any apps.

How to turn a live photo into a GIF on an iPhone

1. Open “Photos” on your iPhone.

2. Tap on the live photo you want to turn into a GIF.

3. Tap and hold the bottom of the photo.

4. Slide your finger up to bring up the moving picture menu (Live, Loop, Bounce, Long Exposure)

Ryan Ariano/Business InsiderYou can turn any live photo into a GIF.

5. Tap on “Loop” to turn the picture into a repeating GIF.


You can alternately tap on “Bounce” so that the frames of the picture will go forward and in reverse instead of starting back at the beginning of the picture series.

How to turn a Live Photo into a GIF using Giphy

Giphy presents many more options for getting creative with your GIFs, allows you to share your new creations with the world, and allows you to download other GIFs created by members of the community.

Gifs 4Ryan Ariano/Business InsiderTap the green plus sign to add or create a new GIF.

1. Open the Giphy app.

2. Click on the “+” sign in the bottom center.

3. Here you have two options for making your GIF:

  • Film a new GIF by tapping on the camera icon, bottom center.
  • Make a GIF from your photos by tapping on the photos icon in the bottom right, then tapping on the photo you wish to use

4. There are various options for customising it on the bottom (from left to right): Write a caption, add a filter, add pre-made art and word art phrases, trim your GIF, and more.

Gifs 5Ryan Ariano/Business InsiderTap the purple arrow button when you’re finished with your GIF.

Once it is exactly how you want it, tap on the purple arrow to upload it to Giphy. Once that is confirmed, it can be shared with the community, and it will generate a link you can use for sharing it personally.


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