Here's The Easiest Way To Make Your Own GIFs

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own GIFs but were intimidated by the process, look no further.

A new free app called GifGrabber, created by Tumblr’s product engineer Andy Hin and independent iOS developer Cory Liu, is the simplest way to create usable GIFs out of virtually any video on the Internet.

Here’s how it works.

You can download GifGrabber from the Mac App Store here.

Open the app, and a green capture screen will appear:

You can make a gif out of any video. We chose to search for “cute puppy” on YouTube:

We chose one of some pugs running around. Move the browser screen around so the video is right underneath GifGrabber’s green screen:

Once the clip begins to play, wait until you find the exact moment you want to make into a GIF. Or, choose any random moment and see what happens. When you know what you want to record, click the “Start Capture” button:

Click “Stop Capture” when you’re finished. (It can record video up to nine seconds). Once you click “Stop Capture”, your new GIF will appear at the righthand corner of your screen. Close out of GifGrabber and YouTube, then open your new gif by clicking on it :

Save your GIF:

Congratulations, you made a GIF!

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