How To Put Facebook On A Privacy Lockdown

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Photo: James & Vilija

UPDATE:  How To Put Facebook On A Privacy Lockdown Earlier: Facebook has made all kinds of privacy changes lately.

It’s made some users uncomfortable and, thanks to a couple poorly-timed screw-ups, Facebook is getting a lot of heat about the changes from Senators, media, and watchdog organisations.

We don’t think any of that will ever cause you to quit Facebook. You love what Facebook does for you too much to quit.

But if you’re going to stay on Facebook, you should definitely know how to keep your information private.

Learn it: When you use Facebook in apps on other Websites, you are giving your info to those apps and Web sites.

So let's go back to Applications and Websites and make sure that doesn't happen when you don't want it to

Go back to Applications and Websites

Uncheck the check-box. Click confirm.

Facebook will show you what your friends can see. If all looks good, then congratulations…

Your Facebook profile is on a privacy LOCKDOWN!

But now you have to worry about converting your profiles 'likes and interests' from private text into public membership in 'community' groups.

Here's how to make sure you don't disclose any information you want to keep private >

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