90% Of People Have Regrets --  Here's How Learn From And Get Over Them

Everyone has regrets and, according to Happify, a website and app that offers psychology-based games to increase your happiness, 90% of us regret something major.

Our regrets can range from the career we chose to the romantic partner we didn’t. And while it may not feel good, regret can be a positive force in our lives if we use it right, according to Happify. It can help us understand past experiences and avoid future mistakes.

Some of the more interesting facts about regret, from the graphic below:

25% of us regret sharing a selfie.

An analysis of 13,5000 tweets found that we make our regrets public when we’re looking for social support.

29% of adults 34 or younger have posted something on social media that they think can harm their career.

44% of women have romantic regrets, while only 19% of men do.

Older people feel regret more keenly than younger people, and it hurts their health and well-being more.

We can’t escape regret, but with the help of Happify, we can learn about it. The company compiled stats on our most common regrets, how to deal with them, and how to use them to move forward. Check them out:

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