5 of the world's best investors offer advice for traders looking to avoid turbulence and beat the market

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There’s been a lot of bad news in the market lately, as evidenced by the S&P 500 suffering its worst week of 2019. But turbulent times are when the top stock pickers make their mark, and we spoke to five of the very best to find out how they’re able to stay afloat.

Each of the five fund managers interviewed by Business Insider’s Akin Oyedele boasts a perfect 5-out-of-5 score from Lipper. That means they’re top-class in the following categories, each of which is crucially important for an investor: total return, consistent return, capital preservation, expense, and tax efficiency.

We learned about the managers’ strategies, the stand-out stocks boosting their performance, and their best advice for investors who want to replicate their success.

Going beyond that, here’s a rundown of our other main coverage from last week, which featured commentary and recommendations around the next market collapse, as well as how to navigate a recession. We also spoke to one of the world’s top tech investors to get his thoughts on the future.

MORGAN STANLEY: Here’s why it’s too late to prevent the next recession, even if a final trade-war resolution is reached

Morgan Stanley has been among the most bearish firms on Wall Street for the entirety of 2019. The firm’s trepidation was on full display last week when its equity-strategy team published research suggesting it’s already too late to stop the next recession.

The firm looked at a yield curve adjusted for both quantitative easing and tightening and found that it’s been inverted since last November. That suggests that one of the market’s favourite recession signals has been flashing red for months.


A senior partner at Baillie Gifford shares what Tesla, Amazon, and the firm’s other wildly successful investments have in common – and how it identifies them early on

In an interview with Business Insider, Andrew Telfer – a joint senior partner at Baillie Gifford – discussed how his firm’s culture has enabled it to spot such companies on their roads to success. He also described the traits such companies have had in common.


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