How To Invest In Property In The Oil Spill Zone

Oil Spill Zone


With BP finally capping the oil leak (hopefully, permanently), the bulls have come out to play. And not just in the stock market.Broyhill Asset Management thinks there’s profits to be made by investing in real estate in the oil spill zone with companies like Florida-based St. Joe (JOE).

The beginning

The St. Joe Company Today

Extraordinary Assets

A moat you can literally tan on

Knock knock knocking on Joe's door

Addressing near term headwinds

What's priced in?

What's the catalyst?

State of Florida incentives

Bay County Incentives

The lay of the Land

Land Analysis

Commercial Entitlements

Residential Entitlments

Residential entitlements cont.

River Camps


West Bay Sector Development

Introduction to the West Bay sector

West Bay Sector - Phase I

West Bay Sector - Phase I.I

West Bay Sector - Phase II

Initial West Bay DSAP development program

The Bottom Line

Volatility is not risk - Volatility creates opportunity

Beachgoers continued to enjoy the beach

Patience is a virtue

There's timber in them thar hills

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