Getting Windows 8 On Your Mac Is A Pain, Here's How To Make It Easy

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Mac OS X Lion is a pretty decent operating system on the Mac, but it just can’t run some apps that only work on Windows computers.

Luckily, if you own a Mac, you don’t actually have to go out and buy a PC to get the Windows experience.

In fact, you don’t even have to buy Windows — there’s a free beta of the upcoming Windows 8. And it works on the Mac.

Just a warning: Windows 8 is kind of tough to install on a Mac. So we did it on our own and created a step-by-step guide of the process.

For this walkthrough, we used a MacBook Pro released in Mid 2010 with a discrete graphics card. The process is the same for any Mac as long as you have Lion installed.

First, head over to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview page.

First, head to the Windows 8 landing page.

You'll want to grab the ISO file instead of just downloading it like on a normal PC.

This is the page with the ISO file. Grab one of the top ones. Make sure you copy the serial key next to it!

After downloading that file (it's big), fire up Boot Camp Assistant.

You'll want to check all three of those. The top option will turn a thumb drive into an installer for Windows 8.

If that top option is grayed out, you'll want to burn the ISO file to a DVD.

Grab it and burn it (or put it on the USB drive through Boot Camp). That's what it looks like.

Then, you'll have to download Windows update software. You'll need this later, so stick it on another USB disk.

You can also install it on an external drive that you can access within Windows.

You'll have to set how much space Windows will have on your computer.

We recommend you split it about 50/50, or give your Windows disk at least 50 GB of space.

Hit install, and it's off!

You'll have to go through the normal install sequence for Windows now. Careful, the trackpad is dodgy.

Remember the serial key from the download page? Slap that sucker into this window.

Your partition will show up as boot camp. You might have to format it (click additional options and format).

Bam! Windows will be ready soon.

It works! Create an account...

...and put in some standard information.

Now it's working, but it's still terrible — there won't be sound and you won't have multitouch. That's because it's missing drivers.

Here's where that update software comes in. Grab it from the USB drive or external drive you installed dropped it into.

That'll install all the drivers you need — your multitouch will work, you'll have sound and the graphics will be fine!

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