Scientists discovered how more sleep could improve your relationships

The best thing for your relationship could be sleep. A study shows tired couples have nastier fights. Ohio State studied 43 married couples.

Each person ranged in sleep from 3.5 to 9 hours a night. Researchers filmed the couples arguing. Couples who slept less than 7 hours tended to be more hostile. Couples with more sleep were more constructive.

Take this exchange from a well-rested pair:

“Do you want to try talking over the budget?”

“I can’t. I don’t want to.”

“I understand.”

“You’re just being too accepting. You can tell me I’m crazy.”

“You’re not crazy.”

Tired and well-rested couples both disagreed, but tired couples didn’t handle it as productively. Tired couples were also affected physically by their arguments.

After tense conversations, they had an increase in cytosine, an inflammatory protein, which is toxic to your body. Well-rested couples had disagreements but without the cytokine.

Couples were still able to keep their disagreements civil when only one person got a full night’s sleep. So, do your significant other a favour and sleep in!

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