9 Scientifically Proven Ways To Impress Your Boss On National Boss Day

The ability to impress
your bossis a major determining factor in your success, as well as your
happiness and productivityat work.

Whether you get along with your boss or not, you need to show them you’re capable of greatness.

We looked through the latest research to find science-based strategies to help you seem like a better and more cooperative employee and, in turn, make your boss happier.

In celebration of National Boss Day, here’s a list of proven ways to wow your boss.

Wear red to show you're 'focused, committed, and trustworthy.'

According to a study published in the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research in 2012, waitresses wearing red earned more money.

If you want to persuade or impress someone in the office, you could try wearing a powerful shade of red. The colour makes others view you as someone who's 'focused, committed, and trustworthy,' said Kenny Frimpong, brand marketing and development manager at high-end Italian clothing store Eredi Pisano.

'We've been in business for about 15 years, and we encourage most of our clients to wear red.'

Wake up earlier.

If you want to impress your boss, get to the office early.

Although studies show that night owls tend to be smarter and more creative than morning types, those who wake up early have better job performance, greater career success, and higher wages.

People who wake up early are typically also happier, healthier, and have higher satisfaction compared to their friends who prefer the night life, according to a study conducted by the University of Toronto.

Being happier also means that you'll be more productive at your job and easier to work with.

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