How To Hire A Great Graphic Designer

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Consumers are bombarded with images from thousands of companies every day. If you want to stand out, you can’t have just a logo anymore — you need to become a brand. An eye-catching, message-sending, innovative brand.

Enter the freelance graphic designer, who can transform your company’s product, message, and mantra into one cohesive visual design that will, hopefully, make you more memorable and appealing to your audience.

But how do you hire a good one?

We spoke to a few designers and creative directors to find out where to look, what qualities to look for, and what you, the client, should know before you meet.

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Your objectives

Outline your objectives. 'Clearly describe the purpose of the project and who is going to use it.' says Erickson. 'Also, is it a sales brochure? For retail, to show up on a shelf? A website design? A brochure for a campaign?' You'll need to decide what you'll have in your hands when the project is completed.

Clearly explaining your purpose and laying out the desired deliverables will make it much easier for the designer to give you exactly what you want.

The key things to remember:

  • Get a recommendation
  • Make sure they've worked on something similar to your project
  • Expect to pay a higher price for more experience and a larger project
  • Prepare a detailed creative brief
  • Outline your message, your objectives, the desired deliverables, and your timeline
  • Claim ownership of the original art

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