How to create a button on your Mac that hides your messy desktop icons and folders with one click

It can be hard to keep your desktop free from the clutter of past downloads, documents, and program icons.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution — a button to hide all the clutter with a single click.

It’s called HiddenMe, and it’s a free Mac tool that makes it quick and easy to “clean” your desktop mess invisible, and you can always bring back the clutter by simply clicking the button again. We first saw HiddenMe over at Product Hunt, where CEO Ryan Hoover pointed out that it’s perfect for tidying up your computer before a big meeting or presentation.

Here’s how to set up HiddenMe on your own Mac.

First, you’ll need to download it from the Mac App Store by clicking here. Once it’s downloaded, search for HiddenMe using Finder or Spotlight Search and double click it to run it for the first time.

Once it’s running, you’ll notice a tiny black dot on the top of your computer’s toolbar — click this and you’ll see the option to “Hide Desktop Icons.”

Clicking “Hide Desktop Icons” does exactly that — all your icons, folders, documents, and downloads currently on your desktop will be hidden from view. Remember, this button won’t disappear even if your folders and icons do, so you can always return everything to normal by clicking the button again and selecting “Show Desktop Icons.” If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you can also set up HiddenMe to launch automatically when you first turn on your computer.

After you’ve given it a trial run, you’re all set! You can now turn your desktop invisible whenever you feel like it — just keep in mind you can always clean things up the old-fashion way by sending things to the Trash can.

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