Here's how to hide all those extraneous Apple TV apps

Apple just added a slew of new channels to the Apple TV lineup on Tuesday, including TED, Young Hollywood, and Tastemade.

That means there are now over 50 different Apple TV channels to watch — but you probably won’t watch them all, and you probably don’t want to sift through so many extraneous apps just to find what you’re looking for.

Until Apple gives users the option to delete Apple TV apps they don’t want, Apple offers a way to rearrange the icons on Apple TV, as well as hide them from the main menu.

You can hide any Apple TV app except for the Apple applications along the top row.

  • To rearrange icons, click and hold the Apple TV icon you want to move, and wait until it starts to juggle. Then, you can use that icon to a new position using your remote. Pretty simple.
  • To hide icons and apps from the Apple TV entirely, you need to click and hold the icon until it starts to jiggle, and then you need to press the play/pause button. You’ll see an option to “hide this item.” Click on it, and you’ll return to the home screen for Apple TV.
  • You can also hide apps through the Apple TV’s settings menu. Just go to Settings, then Main Menu, then click on the app you want to hide. Click “hide” from the options. If you want to bring back any hidden apps, just go back into this menu, find the app you’re looking for, and click “show.”

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