How to hide app pages on your iPhone with iOS 14, and declutter your home screen

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  • You can now hide some of your app pages on an iPhone and declutter your home screen with the App Library in iOS 14.
  • To hide a page of apps, put your iPhone in jiggle mode and tap the page indicator at the bottom of the screen. Clear the check for any pages you want to hide.
  • You can restore pages you’ve hidden in the same way.
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Keeping your iPhone organised can sometimes seem like a full-time job, especially if you frequently install new apps.

iOS 14 gives you a few ways to help manage your apps, including the ability to completely hide entire pages of apps.

You’re not losing much when you do this, because all your apps are still accessible and easily found in the App Library, which is the right-most page on your iPhone (swipe left to get there).

How to hide app pages on the iPhone

1. Tap and hold a blank spot on any page of apps on your iPhone. Let go when the screen starts to jiggle.

How to hide app pages on the iPhone 1Dave Johnson/Business InsiderYou can hide home screens by putting your iPhone in jiggle mode.

2. At the bottom of the screen you should see a page indicator which has one dot for each page on your phone (there is one dot for each home screen plus one dot for the App Library). Tap it.

3. On the “Edit Pages” screen, you can see all the app pages on your phone. Tap to clear the check mark for each page you want to hide. (You can’t hide all your pages — your iPhone will always ensure that at least one page is visible).

Dave Johnson/Business InsiderClear the check mark for any pages you want to hide.

4. Tap “Done,” and then when you return to the home screen, tap “Done” again.

If you want to restore a hidden page, just repeat the process and check the hidden pages.

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