How to handle communication across generations in the office

Organisations that find a way to reach common goals by combining a workforce with differing values, personalities, and talents will see creativity flourish and results gained instantly. However, the gains that can be realized are quickly lost, if employees across different generations can’t agree on the methods on which they will communicate.

When it comes to how we communicate at work, everyone has a favourite method. This is even clearer when we have different generations working together — seniors, baby boomers, Gen X and Gen Y each have a way of communicating they are more comfortable with than others. If you’ve ever attempted to get everyone to agree on a single platform, you’ll have encountered this as a problem. But there is a solution, and it involves everyone getting what they want.

PureCloud Collaborate blends communication mediums into one single platform allowing all generational segments to use their communication channel of choice when speaking with colleagues. It holds multiple communication options (voice, video conferencing, chat, email) for internal communications, a complete staff directory to help find assistance when needed and is laid out on a user-friendly, highly available platform. Here’s how it can help every generation in your workplace.

Seniors (1920-1946) Digital immigrants

The older generation is self-sufficient, good team players and generally don’t ruffle feathers or initiate conflict. Being connected is of huge importance, and research has shown that video is quickly becoming the preferred platform. Seniors appreciate detailed directions on how to get connected. Having the ability to see, hear and speak to employees — regardless of where they are — is a huge drawcard for video communication.

Baby boomers (1946-1964) Digital immigrants

This generation grew up in a world of new technology, and have become accustomed to embracing it. They spend the most money of any generation on tech, and love trying new platforms, particularly on mobile devices. The PureCloud mobile application stands as an idea way for them to stay in touch with their team.

Generation X (1965-1982) Digital natives

Tech savvy and time poor, usually in busy management roles whilst raising young families outside of work, Gen X appreciate being able to get straight to the point. Generally they are drawn to quality and choice with work correspondence options. PureCloud helps turn slow emailing processes into quick chats, leaving this generation richer in the thing they value more than anything — time.

Gen Y (1983-2001) Digital natives

Currently the largest generation in the workforce, Gen Y prefer the convenience of communicating via a wide variety of online means — instant messaging, text, email, video conferencing, blogs, and social networks. They enjoy feeling involved, valued and working in groups. Utilising PureCloud means that Gen Y’s can use whatever option they need, but most importantly, on their preferred channel of communication.

PureCloud has the advantage of offering a complete suite of communication avenues for business collaboration. Whatever age you are, whichever department you belong to professionally, or wherever you sit on a company hierarchy structure, you’ll be able to manage, question and interact clearer, easier and via the channel you fancy. Want to know more? Visit Interactive Intelligence and see all of the benefits PureCloud can offer your business.

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