Life Beyond YouTube: There's Gold In Long Tail Video

We all know about the fragmentation of the traditional web, and the fact that there is a huge volume of viewership outside of the top 10 properties. 

In fact, we all also know that much of the most engaged audience is found.  That’s been true for 10 years.

I’m here to tell you that the same thing is happening in video today.  That’s why I left Viacom and joined Grab Networks 60 days ago.

If you ignore for a moment YouTube  – which accounts for 48% of all video views but only 27% of minutes spent online – it’s very easy to see that web video has evolved in a very similar fashion to the traditional web.

Take a look at the graph below, and hang tight while I ask you to return to your Econ 101 class.  The graph compares the relative ratio of the larger and smaller properties in the traditional web (bars) and video (line), based on unique viewers as measured by comScore.  It uses an index that makes the largest property equal to 100, then shows the ratio of other web properties’ unique viewers to the largest such property (again, I’ve removed the outlier piece of data—YouTube—from the dataset).


You can immediately see the similarity between the two mediums.   Right now; today, the traditional web, which is widely believed to have marketing gold in the mid and long tail, looks very similar in form to the video world.  In other words, if you want that gold—high engagement and low duplication with your purchases on YouTube, Hulu, and the traditional video advertising networks—you need to find sites in the body and tail of the web.  But how can you find that video audience?

Let’s face it…video is hard. It’s hard to conceive, hard to produce, and hard to deliver in a format that looks remotely professional.  Delivering quality video is much harder than delivering a traditional text-and-graphics web experience, which requires little more than a high school English class and access to an HTML coding book from the local library to produce sites of passable quality.  

The average website outside of the to 50 comScore properties can’t even conceive of producing a high volume of its own video.  That’s where Grab Networks—and other video content networks like HowCast and—come in to play, as we make available professionally-produced video for those sites to licence and use.  On top of that, providing publishers the tools automate the curation and publishing of video, is another key to unlocking the potential of video in the mid-long tail.

In doing so, we are literally creating the medium to long tail site video views and bringing along engaged audiences that come with them.  But you can’t access this medium and long tail professional video views through the ad networks…you can only access it through a video content network like Grab Networks that are building a business of bringing licensed, professionally produced video to websites throughout the internet.

So, as you look to engage audiences that are relevant to your content or brand message, don’t forget to look at the medium to long tail because it’s where consumers are going and it will only continue to grow over the years.

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